The Nokia N97

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The Nokia N97 smart phone and that's what it is, is designed to serve the needs of the multimedia hungry mobile phone user. These features include a focus on Internet browsing, geo-location based services and social networking at the core of its design.

* 32GB of internal memory

32GB of internal memory
* Qwerty keyboard

Qwerty keyboard
* Symbian operating system

Symbian operating system
* Wi-Fi Technology

Wi-Fi Technology
* Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate

Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate

The Nokia N97 phone has considerable focus on music, video and gaming but also serves the needs of business users with a document viewer and advanced email capabilities, all combined with a massive 32GB of internal memory. Added to this is a dual keyboard system incorporating both a TFT resistive touch screen and a full slide out QWERTY keyboard.
When it comes down to it, the Nokia N97 is a solid phone that offers a vast range of great features that meets the needs of today's mobile user. People seeking the full multimedia experience that includes complete Internet access are going to get just that from the Nokia N97.


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